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AMFI is a team of Asian, mainly Japanese, who have undergone military training boot camps for acting in movies and have careers as actors, stuntmen and military advisors.



Military trainings for acting in movies make actors be able to behave or express like the actual soldiers during the shooting of war movies. The training was first carried out on the movie “Platoon”, and with the success of the film, more and more Hollywood productions are employing the training for their war movies.



We were trained under the supervision of Mr. Dale Adam Dye, the former U.S. Marine captain, who led the military training in “Platoon” and established the profession of military supervisor in Hollywood movies that we see today.



Recent war movie or TV drama productions demand reality from actors.

Members of AMFI have the ability to act realistically and perform stunts thanks to the military training they have gone through, and are highly valued by production companies.